Company Profile

Rainbow Minerals Pte Ltd is a global mine owner, headquartered in Singapore, specialising in the investment and trading of mines and minerals. We are also one of the leading companies in Asia in the Manganese industry.

Through our South African subsidiary, PMG Mining (Pty) Ltd, we have made significant investments in a diversified portfolio of mining projects. This includes acquiring mining rights for iron and manganese mines, trade operations and logistic activities in South Africa, with Singapore as our core business and financial centre.

China is known as the world’s largest consumer of minerals.

With Guangxi Dameng Manganese Industry Company as our highest equity stakeholder, our mines in South Africa are the few manganese mining facilities in the industry owned by a China state-owned enterprise.

Our mining capabilities are divided into 3 mines:

BISHOP 671 Paling mine Acquisition in Progress
Located in the Postmasburg district with an area of approximately 5.43 square kilometres, the mine has an estimated reserve of 59.46 million metric tons. Located close to the Bishop mine with an area of 32.2 square kilometres, it has a reserve of around 100 million tons within the current 10 square kilometres working zone. By international standards, Rainbow Minerals is positioned to acquire one of the largest manganese mines with low concentrations of iron content.
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