Quality Service & Core Values

Site Assessment

At every mining site, we conduct a scrupulous site survey to determine the most appropriate condition for mining, incorporating a comprehensive checklist of water, electric and environmental plans during the period of operation. The physical capacity of every site is also measured and assessed for the installation of mining belts.

Superior Ore Composition

Manganese products include:

  • Metallurgical manganese ore
  • Manganese carbonate powder
  • Chemical manganese dioxide powder; and
  • Battery with a manganese dioxide powder

Different qualities and grades are assigned to specific uses and refining requirements.

Our main supply of manganese ore is from South Africa, which contains a highly concentrated percentage of manganese and iron content, and a low percentage of phosphorus and low sulphur. In the near future, Rainbow Minerals aims to supply high-manganese and low-iron content manganese products which will increase our clients’ sales and profit margins significantly.

While focusing on the production of high-grade manganese, we also plan to boost the profit value of low-grade manganese ores through blast furnace processing – producing iron phosphorus manganese-rich slag at our smelter plants located in South African ports and industrial zones.

Our core values

Across our mining processes and transport operations, we entrench key priorities for our employees and mining environments to promote best environment practices and encourage an unfaltering commitment to service excellence.


Our miners and staff are significant and of great importance to our organisation. We value their contributions and do not tolerate any compromise to their lives and others to meet our goals.


We strive to maximise the productivity of our mineral extractions and delivery capacity, to fulfil our responsibilities to our stakeholders and sustain our services at an affordable, fast and stable rate.

Environmental Preservation

From the inception of our business plans to the execution of mining operations, we assess the condition of the site to ensure our mechanical footprints leaves zero or minimal impacts on the environment. After each excavation, we enforce restorative measures by refilling the land with fertile soil and planting new trees to replenish the natural vitality of the environment.