Stakeholders & Subsidiaries

Guangxi Dameng Manganese Industry Company

Guangxi Dameng Manganese Industry Company, a wholly state-owned group of companies approved by the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region provincial government, was incorporated in July 2001 as an investment arm.

Guangxi Dameng is the leading company in the Manganese industry in China. The main activities of the company revolve around mining, production and processing of manganese, zinc-manganese, alkaline manganese, environmental protection battery, manufacturing of mechanical engineering parts and trading minerals and related ores.

PMG Mining (Pty) Ltd

30% of Manganese reserves are located in South Africa, ranked as containing the most Manganese resources in the world. PMG mining is one of the six companies in South Africa which has the railway capacity to support these resources, and is set to become the largest manganese ore producer in the near future.

Taking into consideration the long voyage from South Africa to China, Rainbow Minerals has been working vigorously in South Africa through our subsidiary, PMG Mining (PTY) Ltd, to develop roads, rails, containers and bulk carriers – as a multi-channel system of transport. PMG has been allocated a stockyard for the storage of manganese ores at Durban and Port Elizabeth , to facilitate competitiveness in trade as a response to international ore price changes.

Through PMG, Rainbow Minerals has negotiated with the South African Railway Bureau, Transnet, for more capacity on the railway to utilise in the transportation of goods to the port, reducing the dependency on inland road transport and saving up to 30% of inland freight cost. PMG, as a strong representative subsidiary of Rainbow Minerals, is the only enterprise managed from Singapore and China with exclusive access to a larger railway capacity in South Africa.