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As a leading source supplier of raw materials in the manganese industry worldwide , Rainbow Minerals is an indispensable attribute of the supply chain.

Our manganese ore lumps specifications as below:

Manganese Ore Lump 33%
Mn 32.00% Minimum
Fe 18.00% Minimum
SiO2 7.00% Maximum
AI2O3 9.00% Maximum
P 0.10% Maximum
S 0.10% Maximum
Moisture 2.00% Maximum
Size (10mm to 75mm) 80% Minimum

Our company engages primarily in the businesses of mining, transportation and manganese trading, leveraging on the use of manganese in various fields of economic modernisation and industrialisation. The steel industry alone accounts for 90-95% of the domestic and international demand for manganese. The other 5-10% of manganese demand is fulfilled by other industries such as the chemical, construction, defence and electronic sectors, as well as environmental protection campaigns.

Ore prices are based on a few critical factors that are subject to influential fluctuations:

  • Stocks of ores available and mined
  • Capacity of each shipment
  • Transit time taken for each delivery

We support and engage clients personally on a case-by-case basis, due to the extenuating circumstances outlined and each client’s specific requirements. Contact Us for a quotation with further details.